Russia revisited photos from 2002

Back in 2002 I visited the baltic states of Findland, Estonia and Russia. Most of the time was spent in Russia where I had the opportunity to visit and photograph the cities of Moscow, St Petersburg and some smaller towns and cities such as Suzdal. During this tour I didn't bother taking my film SLRS, instead I put my trust in my first real digital camera the Olympus E 10. Since this trip I have never gone back to film.

The Olympus E-10 was my first real digital Camera, It had a 4mb sensor (which was pretty large back in 2002) and a fixed lens. The camera was purchased for £1200 in the UK.
The main specs were:

4MP - 2/3" CCD Sensor
ISO 80 - 320
35-140 mm F2.0-11.0 Zoom Lens
1.8" Fixed Type Screen
Optical (tunnel) viewfinder
3 fps continuous shooting
No Video Mode
1190g. 129 x 161 x 104 mm

As well as carrying around this camera, I had a portable harddrive to back up photos on the go as well as what seemed like a years supply of batteries.
Olympus E10 4 megapixel digital camera

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