Valencia Photography Part 2 March 2020

Our second trip to Valencia 2020 was in March when Falles celebrations are in full swing. The Falles (Valencian: Falles; Spanish: Fallas) is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city. Photographs from February's trip can be seen here.

Falles decorations in front of the Cathedral Centrally located on the Plaza de la Reina, this is the religious centre of Valencia. The very impressive octagonal bell-tower El Micalet is one of the landmarks of Valencia.

Falles decorations in front of the Cathedra in Plaza de la Reina

The view across the city from The Serrans Gate or Serranos Gate.

View from Torres de Serranos across the City of Valencia
Torres de Serranos is an important landmark and one of the best preserved monuments of Valencia. The Torres de Serrans were built in the 14th century, 1392, by Pere Balaguer. It was the main entrance to the city.
Photograph of Torres de Serranos

Every day during the Fallas festival fireworks in the la Plaza del Ayuntamiento a square in Valencia by the city hall are set off, no words can describe how loud they are, but the ground was literally moving.

Photo of crowds during Falles celebrations

As the smoke clears and the crowds disperse, you get an idea of how many spectators there was. In the thousands!!

Fallas festival fireworks in the la Plaza del Ayuntamiento

In Valencia La Malvarrosa beach is split into three main areas, which are the Malvarrosa, Las Arenas and Patacona beaches. Long sandy stretches of beach near to the port are fronted by bars and restaurants. This photograph was taken on a Nikon Z6, I was very impressed with the shadow recovery, the image almost has an HDR feel to it.

Photo La Malvarrosa beach in Valencia Spain

Around backroads there are some wonderful housing covered in tiles, the area seems to be undergoing some gentrification, however it is possible to find houses that are in need of a bit of love and attention.

Photo of house with graffiti in Valencia by beach

When we stay in Valencia we often stay in the Aqua complex in one of the  2 Ilunion hotels which is a convient location for port, old town or the City of Arts and Sciences. If you are lucky enough the room comes with a good view. With stunning sunrises over the port and beach area in the distance.

Sunrise View from Hotel room in Valencia

As well as stunning Sunrises you could also be lucky enough to see a decent sunset. Note the Fallas decorations which seem to be in most streets as well the major streets in the City Center.

Sunset view from Hotel with Port in the distance

We were very lucky with travel arrangements with this visit and had no disruptions due to weather even the inevitable strike by French air traffic control didn't impact us. 

Our next visit to Valencia is in May, obviously with the ongoing problems with Coronovirus outbreak this trip may not go ahead, we will just follow the relevant travel, government and health guidelines. If we are told it is safe to travel we will, and if the recommendations are that it is not safe to travel we won't.

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