Scotland Photographs Revisited

Photographs of the majestic Scottish Highlands from 2006

With all that is going on the moment, I have been finding new ways to spend time, especially while the weather being a bit crap. I took the opportunity to clean up my lightroom library. Very glad I did as it has allowed me to revisit some of my older photographs. Trying to concentrate on photos taken before 2007 before I had created a social media presence.

These photographs were taken in 2006 during a summer vacation Scotland, we stayed near Ullapool in Ross and Cromarty, Scottish Highlands, located about 45 miles north-west of Inverness.

The four photographs were captured around 10pm in the mountains near our lodge. The camera used was a Nikon D2x with Nikkor 20mm lens. The D2x was a good camera when the light was good. In low light, it would suffer from noise, especially in the shadow areas of the image.

Often my photographs sit on the computer for a long time before I get around to editing them. In this case, 16 years. The photos on this page were edited Lightroom using VSCO now sadly defunct film emulation filters. The preset used was Fuji 16oc with some additional adjustments on exposure, shadow and highlights to get the results seen here.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the precise location of photos though I remember getting bitten by insects.

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