Panorama of the North Downs Surrey

With our house being a bombsite due to a major decorating project and the weather being crap, it feels like an eternity since I last picked up my camera.

So on a trip to the North Downs with family members, I made sure I had my camera; while there were not many photographic opportunities, the weather was kind though possibly not conducive to good photography.

This photo is a composite of 6 or so images merged in Adobe Lightroom. This panorama was taken near Reigate Surrey, facing southwards towards Sussex. On the full-size image, you can even make out Gatwick airport.

This is a bit of a rushed image. Usually, I would use a tripod for a merged photograph. In this case, Adobe lightroom did an excellent job stitching together the individual pictures.

Merged photograph of the North Downs Surrey and Sussex

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