Photographing the Colours of a British Autumn

Experimenting with muliple images to create pano photos

It's always a joy to explore the woods during this gorgeous season. So pull-on your wellies, grab your warm scarf and step out into the fresh fall air. Listen to the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the autumn.

Autumn is one of the best times to head out to photograph. The woods are filled with a feast of colours to capture.
Autumn may have been late this year, but the colours have been fantastic. I recently photographed these woodland scenes close to where I live in Nettlebed South Oxfordshire.
The woods were filled with plenty of opportunities to photograph. Almost straight away, I spotted this Oak tree. Unfortunately, my lens was not wide enough to capture the entirety of the tree. I could not stand back any further due to the proximity of other trees and a busy road. I decided to take many images to create a pano and stitch them together in Adobe Lightroom.

The resulting image was made up of thirteen individual photographs.

pano photo of an oak tree in Oxfordshire

The resulting photograph of the oak tree after being stitched together in Adobe light room and further editing in Adobe photoshop.

photoshopped pano oak tree photo Oxfordshire Nettlebed

Another pano of the same tee but cropped tighter in a more letterbox format.

another photograph of an Oak Tree in Autumn in Nettlebed

Another pano of woodland, this time the image is comprised in 4 separate photos stitched together in Adobe Lightroom

3 shot pano of a woodland scene in oxfordshire

The final photo taken of the day was captured as I was packing all my gear to go and search for my car.

a cropped photo of an autumn woodland photograph in colour

I have also placed a video on my YouTube channel, which shows more behind the scenes.

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