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So, you have probably noticed I am pretty slow to update this site. Even as our country is the clutches of a pandemic, I find that I am still busy, eCommerce, web design, and contactless payments are going nowhere during this worldwide catastrophe, which keeps my business more than occupied.

I am still uploading photos to this website just not as frequently as I would like. More stuff is going up on my Instagram feed which you can find here.

So here is my most recent photograph, this was literally taken on my doorstep in Sonning Common Oxfordshire. I haven't used the Helios 44 for a while, it seems odd to use a lens with such poor optical quality on a modern mirrorless camera such as the Z6. I just love the results of this combination.

FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAMGrass photograph Nikon Z 6 and Helios 44 lens

Photograph of grass taken with Nikon Z6 and Helios 44-2 58mm lens

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