Breathing Life into Photograph

Using Abobe Photoshop to put some magic into a photo

I decided to revisit Exmoor, obviously, with current restrictions meant I could only revisit older photographs rather than the location itself. In the past, I have avoided using Photoshop mainly down to my laziness, and also, the sheer power of photoshop left me slightly apprehensive.

Usually, my workflow consists of taking a photograph, importing it into Adobe Lightroom, forgetting about it, or tweaking it lightroom 99.9% of the time; I do not make any other Photoshop adjustments.

So with a bit of time on my hand, I decided it was time to revisit some of my lost photographs and see if they can be improved further by using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom pen tablet.

For my first experiment, I chose to use a photograph from 2011 captured in Exmoor. It was a magical scene, but I was never thrilled with how it looked on the screen, flat and boring but not mystical.

The below photograph is the RAW file from the Nikon D3 camera. No adjustments applied.

raw photo from Nikon D3

In the second photograph, the photo looks a lot better with Lightroom adjustments. This is where my image processing usually ends. Yes, I really am that lazy. The image looks better than the raw image, but it is still pretty boring.

getting there how I edited to get an enchanted woodland photograph

And finally, the image from Photoshop. Basically, I spent 30mins to an hour dodging and burning areas of the photograph. I suspect that I could make many more improvements to the image, but I was hesitant of over-egging the pudding.

The magical forrest. The edit photograph
I have identified some more photos that need to be revisited, so that should keep me busy for the next month or so. If they turn out OK I will port them on the website.

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