Photographs of Amsterdam 2017.

For this selection of seven photographs from 2017 I revisited some photographs I took of Amsterdam in December 2017. All images here were taken using the NIkon 1 J5 camera with 18.5 mm lens which is an equivelent to a 50mm lens on a 35mm film camera.

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city, even the Chinese resturant we ate at had view across one of the many canals.

nb: I try and eat local cuisine when I am a city or country, but I was super hungry and was finding hard to get a seat in other resturants, that said the meal was delicious.

View from Chinese resturant in Amsterdam

The thing that is probably most famous for is canals, there are lots of them circling the city.

A view of one of the canals at night.

Reflections of a building in a river or canal, can make for some more intereding photos on a travel blog.

reflection of a building in a dutch canal

There are lots of bikes in Amsterdam, and if you want my opinion there are too many. Crossing roads can be tricky as you cant here them coming and there seems to be no form of highway code, if there is its not followed.

photo of a bike above a dutch canal

During my brief visit I walked past this bar many times thinking I should have a drink in there. Never got around to it unfortunately.

small bar in Amsterdam

De Waag off Neiumarkt in Central Amsterdam. This was taken at night, while the Nikon 1 J5 takes good photos through day it struggles at night images can become very grainy

Image of  De Waag off Neiumarkt in Central Amsterdam.

Inside Moeders Resturant. Moeders (Dutch for mothers) is known for the traditional Dutch food.

photograph of the Inside of Inside Moeders Resturant Amsterdam

I really loved Amsterdam, but in December I just found it a bit cold and I dont really do the cold. Would love to return here in the Spring sometime. I think I would take a better quality camera for the evening shots given the chance.

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