Day 4 of 9. The City and Guilds Certificate Level 3

Having been made redundant in 2014 I had more time to pursue my photography hobby.  In 2014 I sucessfully passed my Cirty and Guilds Level 3 in photography. The course covers many areas of photography including portraiture, landcape, achitectural photography and more. Below are some of my photographs from this course. Some more photographs from this course can be seen here. As part of the course 2 panels of 10 photographs have to be submitted, the image below is from the first panel which was a documentary piece about Henley Sychronised Swimming Club.  The image was taken with a Nikon D600 and 16mm fisheye lens.
Fisheye photograph of Henley Synchronised Swimming Club
One of modules was studio photography, this is a portrait that was taken in the classroom. If you look closely you can see the blue chair the model is sitting on.
studio light test in classroom
Each module has an assignment on which we marked on, this is part of the studio portraiture assignment. This was shot on location at Southhill Park House in Bracknell.
colour portrait photograph shot on location in Bracknell
Photo below was taken when we were just messing about and playing with lighting setups. It is a photograph of one of my classmates.
Black white  portrait photograph

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