Day3: Nine day Photo Upload

2013 was a bit of extravaganza when it came to foreign trips, which included to trips to Venice, a trip to Valencia. Which meant I had quite a lot of choice for the 3 images on this post. I decided to theme this one so all photographs are in black and white and feature pedestrians.

The first photo was taken in St Marks Square early in the morning when no crowds are about, if you get up early it is simply magical. The photo was taken in May with a Nikon D600 and 24mm-70mm Lens

A photograph of a pedestrian St Marks Venice

It doesnt usually rain in Valencia in Spain, but it did on this day. The photograph is of reflections on a walkway at the Oceanigraphic which is an impressive aquarium by the City of Arts and Sciences.

Reflections of a walker in Valencia

To finish the year off we visited the coty of Cologne in Germany for the Christmas Markets. This impressive modern architecture is on the banks of the River Rhine.

black white photo of modern Architecture in Germany

Some more examples of my Black and White Photography can be found here.

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Black and White photography

I mainly shoot colour photographs, I also shoot in black and white. There is just something magical  and a timeless beauty about black and white photography. 

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