Bluebells April 2020

Our woods come alive with the purple glow of bluebells when springtime rolls around in the British Country Side

Spring, it is probably my favourite time of year time of year where our beloved Countryside is blossoming and thriving! I make the most of this beautiful British Spring and capture some stunning photos while I'm out walking. The woodland on my doorstep is in South Oxfordshire and is often carpeted in bluebells and the new foliage on the trees a vivid green.

If it were only possible, I would stand for hours to admire the sea of bluebells before me, unfortunately the flowers are only around late April to early May. I have found that  you go to various locations it is possible to stretch out long it is possible to see these wonderful flowers.

Our bluebells are a protected species, so I pay special attention to where I stand to take my photographs. I always try to look for patches/areas that have no bluebells or use pathways to getting good vantage point.


Camera Settings

The camera settings used on this photo are as follows:
Camera Model: Nikon Z6
Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm F4
Aperture: F20
Focal Length: 24mm
ISO: 720
Shutter Speed: 1/25 Seconds

The photograph was edited in Adobe Lightroom, not much editing was done. I used a Fuji 160c preset and adjusted the exposure by 1 stop. Also, the shadows were boosted slightly and contrast tweaked a bit.

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