The Bluebells photographs gallery 2021

Bluebells photographed around South Oxfordshire during a cold weather snap. 

2020 was a complete turd of a year, 2021 hasn't been much better, but at last, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Life, it seems, is slowly returning to some kind of normal.

The Bluebells seem to have arrived at the same time as my newfound optimism.

It seems like months since I last went out to photograph the countryside. Kept inside by either crappy weather or a 'can't be arsed' attitude, the bluebells proved an ideal opportunity to get out and take some photographs. The photographs on this page were taken over a couple of week period; all shooting locations were around South Oxfordshire (Padnells Wood & Greatbottom Woods).

The kit used to capture these images was my trusty Z6 camera with the 24-70 F4 S lens, the 24-70 may only be a kit lens, but it is one of the best lenses I have used. I also used a Manfrotto 190CX tripod with a Manfrotto 410 head. One of the photos was captured with the Z6 and an old Nikkor 70-200f2.8 lens (15 years old)


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