Before & After Photography Edits

The difference 15 minutes in Adobe Lightroom makes

2021 was a disappointing year when it came to my photography. I didn't get out nearly enough with my camera; I suspect I only took about 1000 photos. However, I probably shouldn't beat myself up too much as I was more selective in what I photographed.

I started 2022 going through some of my older photographs, especially those I forgot about or did not edit. I came across this lost photo from back in 2020 taken in the Lake District. There is nothing really wrong with the 'before' image, but it is generally quite dull to look at.

15 minutes of editing in Adobe Lightroom using the mask tools created a photo that was a lot more visually appealing. The finished image looks a lot more mystical.

For 15 minutes of editing of a mediocre photograph to get such improvements means from now on in, I will put a lot more effort into editing.

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