Venice off the beaten path.

Venice is a beautiful city, the most beautiful city I have visited anyway. Venice is a victim of it's own success during certain times of the year certain parts of the city are overrun with tourists from cruise ships and day trippers. Over the last few...

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Henley on Thames May 2019

Today I wandered about Henley on Thames with a few jobs to do. I made sure I had camera with me as the weather was sunny and warm. More photos would have been taken but the air was just so hazy and dirty because of pollution, probably from the excessive traffic I...

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Spring is Here

Today is April 1st, or April Fools day. The photography sites I follow seem to full of lame stories today, non of them funny or convincing. What better tonic to this crapness is to get outside and enjoy the glorious weather.The blossom in Oxfordshire is...

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A photograph from last night 's hailstorm, only lasted a minute or so but it was incredibly load and powerful. Probably inch in depth in about a minute.

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March Dog Walk

One of the best things about living just out side Henley on Thames it is just so photogenic. Dog walks provide a good opportunity to photograph the landscape through the changing seasons.In early March the fist signs that Spring is arriving can be seen. [gallery...

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Valencia 2019

Photographs of ValenciaThe start of the year sees a return to one of my favourite cities. This time using a new Nikon z6  with 24- 70mm S lens. I photographed a lot of places I regularly visit when in the city. I never bore of seeing the landmarks of Valencia and try...

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Photo’s from 2018

One of the most important things about having a blog is to keep it regularly updated. I have been neglecting this blog for some time, I have also not been getting out with my camera as much as I should. I wanted to include my...

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Snow day

Here in the UK it only takes a bit of snow for everything to grind to a halt. I am self employed and luckily the snow has no impact on my business, I am a freelance web designer and IT consultant. I walk my dog daily so the...

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