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Valencia 2016

I have been photographing Valencia over a period of years from numerous trips, Valencia has almost become a home from home with cheap air flight, while the cheapness of the air travel has made it good value to visit this city the baggage restrictions make it awkward to bring my larger DSLRS. On this trip I opted to bring just a compact camera rather than rely on a mobile phone, mobile phone photography has improved massively over the years however I am a little disappointed when I see the results on a large screen especially photographs taken at night....

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Venice 2013

In 2013 I was lucky enough to visit the magical Italian City of Venice not once but twice. Venturing out in the early morning to avoid the crowds who come in from the cruise ships is the way to see Venice in all its glory. At Six O’clock in the morning St Marks square except for the street cleaner or brave jogger is practically empty.  Then get a croissant  and some espresso with the other early starters at one of coffee shops situated in one of the many connecting Venetian walkways. Once the tourists cruise ships leave Venice empties...

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