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Day 15 The last shot of the Day

The day got away and I nearly didn't get a chance to get my daily photograph, would have been bad to fail so early on. I need to get away from the computer screen more often and make sure I always have my camera with me. Luckily I had done some work in the...

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Day 14 Pub Photoshoot

Today I was photographing a pub near Henley on Thames. I had been requested by the Pubs owners to photograph the pub and it's grounds to be featured on their upcoming marketing materials to promote the pub.

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Day 9 Photographing Henley on Thames

It's often said that the best camera you can have is the one you are carrying. With this challenge I always make sure I have my Nikon 1 J5 on me. I choose the J5 for primarily for the reason that it was easy to have on me at all times due to its very...

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Top tips for buying used camera gear online

Top tips for buying used camera gear online Whether you’re looking to purchase DSLR, Mirrorless, Rangefinder or Medium format gear, when it comes to investing in cameras and lenses, keeping up with new product releases can be expensive and intimidating....

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Day 8: Derelict buildings Part II

There is a lot of subjects that can be photographed at this derelict site, not much remains now of this building of an abandoned school near Henley on Thames Oxfordshire. I am sure I will return over the coming weeks to photograph the remains of the other...

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Day 7 The end of Week 1

Yay! Week 1 completed on 365 day Photography Challenge. Only another 51 weeks to go. This a photograph of an arrow painted on a tree in woodland near Henley on Thames. The arrows are painted to make it easier to spot the footpaths and bridal...

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