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Travelling light to Venice

Wonderful, Beautiful, and Magical and all the other superlatives are not enough to describe Venice, which is quite possibly my favourite place in the world. I have travelled to Venice before, well actually seven times before this trip. You can see photographs of Venice from a previous trip here and here. Usually for previous trips, I have lugged around an dSLR either a Nikon D3 or D600 and associated lenses and accessories such as tripod, after several hours I would find my back would start to ache and carrying a back through crowded streets become tiresome. On this trip, I decided...

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VSCO film emulation

When I get back from a photograph wedding I have the job of backing up and editing all the photographs. Editing often takes me several days to complete depending on the number of images that I have. Up until recently my go-to choice for editing my images was Adobe Lightroom alongside Nik filters. For the last few years, this has served me well. Unfortunately, Nik filters were bought by Google who had no interest in developing or maintaining the range of filters developed by Nik. Sadly the inevitable day came when the filters no longer worked on my Mac, which left me looking...

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