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Phottix Laso TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter – Canon3468354245

The Phottix Laso Flash Trigger System allows users to control and trigger Canon radio-enabled flashes, as well as control and trigger Canon’s non-radio flashes mounted on Laso Receivers. The Laso TTL Flash Trigger Transmitter can control and trigger 5 groups (15 units) of Canon-compatible radio-enabled flashes and supports multiple flash modes, including ETTL II/ETTL, Manual, Multi, Ext.A and Linked Shooting.

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Vinten Vision 250 GS CF Tripod System3771948279

The Vinten Vision 250 GS CF Tripod System is a professional video tripod system that consists of a Vision 250 HD Fluid Head, 2x telescopic pan bars, 150mm bowl, a 2-Stage carbon fibre Pozi-Loc Tripod, a floor spreader, and carry case. Designed to support cameras weighing 10-33kg, it features a twin balancing mechanism which allows it to adjust to perfectly balance any camera and lens combination.

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Vinten Vision 10AS Tripod System3771948267

Featuring the Vision 10AS fluid head, which is suitable for mid-to-large sized cameras up to 17kg, the Vinten Vision 10AS Tripod System is a professional videography tripod system. It boasts an innovative side load system, bold blue illuminated levelling bubble, and infinitely adjustable counterbalance aka Perfect Balance. This tripod extends up to 172.5cm in height, and weighs 8.6kg.

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Lee ProGlass Cine 0.9ND 6.6, Filter3737947199

The Lee ProGlass Cine 0.9ND 6.6” Filter is a durable and long-lasting filter that’s designed to meet the needs of digital and film cinematographers. Manufactured from 4mm-thick, optically flat, scratch-resistant glass, and edged with a metal rim, this high-quality 3-stop ND filter eliminates infrared pollution and ensures accurate colour output, simplifying your workflow and saving time.

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