Wonderful, Beautiful, and Magical and all the other superlatives are not enough to describe Venice, which is quite possibly my favourite place in the world. I have travelled to Venice before, well actually seven times before this trip. You can see photographs of Venice from a previous trip here and here.

Usually for previous trips, I have lugged around an dSLR either a Nikon D3 or D600 and associated lenses and accessories such as tripod, after several hours I would find my back would start to ache and carrying a back through crowded streets become tiresome.

On this trip, I decided to travel light. This time only had a Nikon 1 J5 and 18.5mm F1.8 (50mm equivalent) Lens which probably ways less than the 24-70mm lens I used on previous trips.

I must say I enjoyed using such a small camera, and found I had my camera on me all of the day rather than just part of the day which was the case in previous trips to Venice.

Obviously, the quality of Nikon 1 J5 is no where near the quality of my dSLRs but it isn’t really noticeable on trips like these where I am basically taking shots just for myself. I could not help looking at other photographers in the city using Leica M9’s and possibly and M10 or mirrorless cameras from Fuji, Olympus and others. It’s a pity that Nikon management are too short sighted to develop their own mirrorless system failing that continue to develop 1 system which appears that they are no longer pursuing.

This year are trip coincided with the Biennale, an arts festival that take place in the city every other year. Throughout the city and outlying islands where many different exhibitions from many individual countries.
Mazzorbo is an island in the northern Venetian Lagoon, linked to Burano by a wooden bridge. This is a very quiet Island that consists of parkland, vineyards and a couple of Trattorias. Even here you can find exhibits from the Biennale.
In the evening when the crowds and cruise ships have dissappeared Venice is at it is best. The view from Giardini della Biennale across the lagoon is magical in the early evening

With a whole week in Venice, we were able to explore at more leisurely pace. The island
of La Giudecca is a great place to explore if you get the chance. The views across the water are particularly impressive.

One of the issues with the Nikon 1 J5 is that of its small sensor images can suffer from noise at night, however, this doesn’t make the camera unusable. It is still possible to capture good photographs especially if the right subject is chosen and images are edited sympathetically. As with all the images on here, the below 3 images were edited in Adobe Lightroom using  VSCO presets to emulate the look and feel of a traditional film.