365 day photography Challenge

Just One Camera, One Lens and just one preset

One camera, one lens, one film/preset, one year. The “Number One Challenge” is as simple as that, and at the same time incredibly difficult as well. This challenge, at the end of it, promises to change your approach and style as a photographer.

I set myself this challenge having read an article on petapixel.com

So what to choose to take the photographs? I have a number of cameras and lenses to pick from, from an iPhone to a Nikon D3. In the end I plumped to use my Nikon 1 j5 with 18mm F1.8 lens simply because it is small enough for me to have on me at all times plus the image quality is also pretty good as well.

To challenge myself further I decided that all my images would be black and white so I choose to use the HP5 preset thats comes with VSCO filters.

Kicking off this 365 day photography project is Day 1. This photograph was taken in woodland near my home in Oxfordshire. So 1 down 364 to go, I am expecting it become more of a challenge as the days progress. Trying to find original photographs to capture on a daily basis is going to be tricky.

the 365 Challenge

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