How do you build a photography website is a question that I am often asked. There are several options when it comes to creating your own photography website.

First of all the most expensive option is to speak to a friendly website designer and have them create your website to showcase your work. The advantage being that you will get a website you can be proud or without having to worry about the technical details.

Second, you can use one of the many providers who specialise in create websites for photographers, services from companies such as Zenfolio allow you to display and sell your photographs for a monthly fee.


A third option is to set up and host your own website using a content management system (CMS), I will be talking about WordPress as this is currently the most popular CMS system. When creating your own website using a CMS system makes it relatively straightforward to create and amend new content, with the advantage of not having to install any software on your PC, in fact, this website is running on WordPress. The next article I will publish will go into more detail into installing WordPress and setting up a basic website for photography.

Before creating your photography website it is worth diagramming its structure, this will make things a lot easier when it comes creating pages and content and devising a navigation structure, remember you want your visitors or clients to be able to find what they are looking for easily.

Next, choose your hosting provider and your domain name, most hosting providers allow you to choose your domain name at the same time as your hosting package. The domain name is the address of your website that you will see in the address bar of your Internet Browser i.e.,, or This website is hosted via when choosing your host to ensure the hosting package allows WordPress installs most providers today allow WordPress installations.

This blog is just a kick off topic to creating your own photography website, in Part 2 we will talk about installing WordPress on your host and setting up a basic website to display your photographs.

Use the comment form at the bottom of this post to ask any questions, if necessary the post will be amended accordingly.