Welcome to the random photography website that is Being There Photography. Content is slowly being added, Royality free stock photographs are been added to the new shop.

The Latest News

My normal day job

People have asked me why continue to run this site when I have a professional wedding photography business website already set up. The answer is simple I have always loved photography and thought it was best to separate some of my personal photography projects away...

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New Shop for Digital Image Downloads

Digital Image Downloads Following on from some requests to purchase Digital Image Downloads, I have set up a web shop to enable just that. Currently for images are only licensed for personal use only. In the future Royalty Free Photos will also be offered. Eventually...

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Photographing Valencia

I have been photographing Valencia over a period of years from numerous trips, Valencia has almost become a home from home with cheap air flight, while the cheapness of the air travel has made it good value to visit this city the baggage restrictions make it awkward...

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Is spring here?

Has spring arrived early in the United Kingdom? Certainly hope so, these flowers seem to be enjoying the unseasonably mild weather at the moment. Photograph taken on Nikon 1 J5 at ground...

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Experimenting with a Cinemagraph

There are photographs and there is video, and somewhere in between is a cinemagraph a combination of a still image and video. This is my first experiment with a cinemagraph using photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Premiere. For a first attempt I am quiet happy, next...

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I have just added photographs of 2 trips I made to Venice Italy back in 2013, click here to see these...

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Being There Photography Reborn

Because of time constraints last year I didn’t do any updates to this website in fact the domain name lapsed and the website ceased to exist. Being There Photography website has been resurrected for 2016 to indulge my passion to show off my photographs that I...

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